Cute Puppies Blog

12/14/2013 05:51

I'll start off the blogging fun with my pup! He truely is one of a kind, and the best little fur kid I could ever ask for ... (proud MOM alert!) lol

Meet Hachi. The Lhasa Apso Mix who licks the air when he's happy, which is 24/7 =P  To get him going, just talk to him cutesy, give him a belly rub, ear scratch, or base of the tail pat... and its tongues galore! If he cant lick you, no problem =)  He'll just lick the air!! Check him out in action!! Cute Licking Puppy  I know you couldnt see what I was doing, but I was just scratching the base of his tail... What a cutey pie! 

Don't you just love him?!!!